All Website Patch Notes...

  1. Added even more credits
  2. Adjusted positioning of some code.
  1. The black diamond will no longer be visible when opening the Socials menu on mobile
  2. The "up arrow" in the drop down menu under the Social Dropdown Menu on desktop should now match the background of the dropdown menu!
  3. The size of the footer's disclaimer and copyright text should no longer be consistent with each other.
  4. Created a sub-domain for Arbitrium Studios' Media division and redirected it to the, currently parked Arbitrium TV website. As soon as I can, I will unpark the site and create a custom "Under Construction" page for it!
  5. Removed more unused code.
  1. Ahoy adventurer! You can now go to new pages across the website using the navigation bar and the footer!
  2. The homepage has been updated some more to include updated and new text alike.
  3. As you can see, you can now check out the website's current and previous patch notes!
  4. Have you got a burning question regarding my franchise but don't have Discord to ask me? Well, you can now use the "Contact Me" button in the footer to ask that morbid question. You can also check out the patch notes and the Credits while you're down there as well!
  5. Thanks to RoseLemon aka Gibbler, this website has a custom background image which you may recognize as a combination of the Sunset Goodbyes banner image, the Carina Cliffs and the Pillars of Creation intro backgrounds! This has also been added to the Credits page.
  6. This website now has its own style rather than copying the Toontown Fantasy website's design. This design combines the "THE PLAYER ZER0" and the "Toontown Fantasy " website designs for a truly unique style!
  7. The placement of some text has now been adjusted for a better looking website!
  8. I reduced the paragraph text size while increasing the font weight to make sure that h2/h3 tags and paragraphs can't be confused that easily! We apologize for any confusion that may have caused. It will likely happen again but it will be fixed again!
  9. The scrollbar has recieved a tune-up to better blend it in with the rest of the website!
  10. Added some behind the scenes code to make the transition from the PLAYER ZER0 STUDIOS website to this one smoother.
  11. Added the Error pages!
  12. The homepage's banner has been updated with a brand new iteration of "The Last Goodbye" banner!
  13. The background overlay is now more transparent so you can see the background better without making the text harder to read!
  14. The footer's disclaimer text should no longer be a copy-paste from the Toontown Fantasy website.
  15. The Footer's disclaimer and copyright text has been shrunk to not call as much attention to it compared to the rest of the items around that area.
  16. Since there is a "Contact Me" button, I replaced the Mail Icon with a link to the official Arbitrium Studios Twitter account with a new icon accompanying it.
  17. Some of the Footer Icon highlight colors have been tweaked.
  18. The footer icons are now different colors! The top layer is a bright pink and the bottom layer is a bright blue. The icons have been returned to be white but to make sure you can see the icon without giving yourself a headache, the icons have a shadow to them.
  19. The footer icons are now ordered by importance
  20. If you somehow end up in a folder directory, you will be automatically redirected to the homepage within five second. If you somehow manage to get around that, please send in a bug report.
  21. The Contacts page has been removed from the website
  22. As always, more unused code and files has been removed from the website!
  1. The file should now display properly
  1. Updated the Arbitrium Studios logo in the file.
  1. Brought the footer over from the Toontown Fantasy website
  2. Created a file
  3. Replaced the banner with a new one
  4. Updated the
  1. Created the base website